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V Steaming

What is Vaginal Steaming?

Vaginal Steaming  or V-Steaming as it is often called has been  increasingly popular in  the United States over the last few years. Women  are wondering how it  works and why some celebrities have suddenly been  doing it.

 The truth is that vaginal steaming can be traced back through history   to many cultures in Africa, Central America, The Caribbean, Asia and   even within the Native American cultures... 



Vaginal Steaming supports The Womb's complete and long-term healing of the following:  Abnormal  Growths, Infertility, Hormonal and Menstrual Disorders, Emotional  Trauma & Many other types of Imbalances being held in the Womb.

Potential Benefits of a Womb Room session:

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 Pulls toxins out of the body

· Alleviates abdominal pain/pressure

· Relieves menstrual cramps

· Regenerates damaged tissues

· Improves vaginal tightness

· Helps hemorrhoids

· Helps with feminine odor

· Helps womb absorb medicinal herbs into the bloodstream

· Regulates menses

· Relives heavy menstruation

· Balances hormone levels

· Jumpstarts detoxifying sensors to kill off fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites

· Stimulates growth of white blood cells antibodies

· Helps with mood stabilization

· Sweating creates cardio benefits

· Strengthens the uterus

· Detoxifies womb to removes excess waste which contributes to cysts, 

  fibroids, cancers and tumors 

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· Relieves menopausal symptoms

· Facilitates emotional purging and  letting go

· Helps to build self-esteem and honoring of thy self

· Releases stagnant energy and  stimulates creativity

· Supports lymphatic health

· Assists with fluid retention

· Strengthens communication with self and others

· Stimulates healthy sexual energy

· Reduces & eliminates abnormal growths in the womb with consistent use

· Releases cellular memories of sexual, emotional and physical traumas

· Helps with fertility and conception

· Speeds recovery after childbirth

· Helps with the bodies holistic connections and alignment 

Castor Oil Treatments help to treat Cysts and Fibroids by improving Circulation of Blood and Lymph through your Pelvis. If  you are having Uterine complications, let’s consult and try Castor Oil  Treatments and Womb Sauna Sessions before you elect to have any  surgeries.