What is a Midwife Assistant?


A midwife assistant is someone who assists midwives with serving women and expectant mothers. Midwife  

Assistants help midwives with a variety of tasks such as appointment  scheduling, administrative tasks, ordering and stocking supplies, as  well as assisting with birthing responsibilities including monitoring  vital signs, gathering and setting up supplies, keeping the mother as  comfortable as possible, informing the family of the mothers progress,  discussing and demonstrating comfort techniques, assisting with the  actual delivery and more. 

I received hands-on training working with homebirth midwife, Memaniye Cinque, CNM of Dyekora Sumda Midwifery Services as her assistant. I also received certification through Mamatoto Village and Aza Nedhari after completing all course requirements.  

Through my hands-on and academic training, I have gained a variety of skills and knowledge such as:

  • The History of Birth Work
  • Pregnancy Assessment
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition
  • Anatomy and Physiology with Pelvimetry of the Pelvis and Dilation Checking 
  • Prenatal Care – Blood Pressure Assessments, Vital Signs, Fetal Heart Tones, Urine Collection
  • Ordering Blood Sample Pick-Ups and Evaluations 
  • Charting 
  • Record Keeping and Medical Terminology and Terms
  • Fetal Positions and Palpation, Fundul Measurements 
  • Birth Kit Supplies – Ordering, Packing, Setting up Birth Space, Birth Tray and Use. 
  • Understanding Fetal Heart Tones
  • Scope/Role of the Birth Attendant
  • Injections and Medications
  • Suturing Assistance
  • Universal Precautions - Practical Skills, Sterile Technique, Packing and Sterilizing Birth Instruments
  • Bloodborn Pathogens/Disease Prevention: HBV, HIV/AIDS and the Midwifery Team
  • Labor Support Techniques and Skills
  • Water Birth Management
    Alternative Therapies 
  • Herbal Support for Labor and Postpartum
  • Homeopathic Support for Labor and Postpartum
  • Aromatherapy Support for Labor and Postpartum
  • Flower Essences for Labor and Postpartum
  • Newborn Assessments
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Postpartum Care for Mother and Baby 
  • Oxygen Set-Up and Use
  • Birth Emergencies and Complications including Transfer Protocol
  • Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (BLS) 
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certification (NPR) 
  • Business Skills
  • PHI and HIPAA/Client Confidentiality


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